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Choose File
Title Choose File
Dictionary Standard Additions
Suite User Interaction
Parameters 6

Choose File is a Command in the User Interaction Suite of the Standard Additions Dictionary.


choose filev : Choose a file on a disk or server

  • [with prompt text] : the prompt to be displayed in the dialog box
  • [of type list of text] : a list of file types or type identifiers. Only files of the specified types will be selectable.
  • [default location alias] : the default file location
  • [invisibles boolean] : Show invisible files and folders? (default is false)
  • [multiple selections allowed boolean] : Allow multiple items to be selected? (default is false)
  • [showing package contents boolean] : Show the contents of packages? (Packages will be treated as folders. Default is false.)
→ alias : the chosen file

Choose File Name, Choose Folder.