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Do Shell Script is a Command in the User Interaction Suite of the Standard Additions Dictionary.

Do Shell Script
Title Do Shell Script
Dictionary Standard Additions
Suite User Interaction
Parameters 6


do shell scriptv : Execute a shell script using the ‘sh’ shell

do shell script text : the shell script to execute.

  • [as type class] : the desired type of result; default is text (UTF-8)
  • [administrator privileges boolean] : execute the command as the administrator
  • [user name text] : use this administrator account to avoid a password dialog (If this parameter is specified, the “password” parameter must also be specified.)
  • [password text] : use this administrator password to avoid a password dialog
  • [with prompt text] : the prompt to be displayed in the password dialog when the name and password are not specified or are incorrect
  • [altering line endings boolean] : change all line endings to Mac-style and trim a trailing one (default true)

→ text : the command output