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This article explains the meanings of error messages that you may receive while using AppleScript.

The following information was provided by Apple Inc. to developers in the AppleScript Language Guide.

AppleScript Errors[]

Error Number Error Message
-2700 Unknown error
-2701 Can't divide "number" by zero
-2702 The result of a numeric operation was too large
-2703 "reference" can't be launched because it is not an application
-2704 "reference" isn't scriptable
-2705 The application has a corrupted dictionary
-2706 Stack overflow
-2707 Internal table overflow
-2708 Attempt to create a value larger than the allowable size
-2709 Can't get the event dictionary
-2720 Can't both consider and ignore "attribute"
-2721 Can't perform operation on text longer than 32K bytes
-2729 Message size too large for the 7.0 Finder
-2740 A "language element" can't go after this "language element"
-2741 Expected "language element" but found "language element"
-2750 The "name" parameter is specified more than once
-2751 The "name" property is specified more than once
-2752 The "name" handler is specified more than once
-2753 The variable "name" is not defined
-2754 Can't declare "name" as both a local and global variable
-2755 Exit statement was not in a repeat loop
-2760 Tell statements are nested too deeply
-2761 "name" is illegal as a formal parameter
-2762 "name" is not a parameter name for the event "event"
-2763 No result was returned for some argument of this expression